Monday, January 5, 2015

Enabling Encrypted Messaging Options In MS Outlook

You should be aware of the fact that hackers are hacking into thousands of email accounts online every year. Important data stored in these accounts are thus stolen and leaked online. To avoid this, more and more users are encrypting their email messages, which can only be opened by the intended recipient. You can contact OmniTech Support, if you are not at all familiar with the use of encryption technology.

Using message encryption in Outlook email client

All the latest Outlook email client versions support message encryption. Encryption essentially involves scrambling the original message into a non-decipherable one using a key. The recipient should use the same key to decrypt the message and read its content. Anyone else intercepting the message in between will not be able to read the message without the key.

In Outlook 2013 and Outlook 365 versions, a digital ID is used to encrypt the messages. You need to add the recipient to your Outlook Contacts and exchange such digitally signed messages with him. This ensures that he has the digital ID required for decrypting the messages. You have to use the free digital certificates provided by the authorised certification issuing authorities online.

For this, go to the File menu and select Options. Click on Trust Center and select the option Trust Center Settings. Click on the option Email Security and go to the section Digital IDs (Certificates). There, click on the option Get a Digital ID. Now, you will taken to the Microsoft Office support webpage, where you will see a list of authorised certification issuing authorities.

Select one of them and just follow the onscreen prompts for getting the digital certificate. Once this is done, you can start composing an encrypted message in Outlook using this digital ID. After you have opened the windows for composing a new message, click on Options and select Message options from the More Options section.

Now, click on Security Settings and select the option Encrypt Message Contents and Attachments. Finish the message and click on the Send button. The message will be sent to the recipient in the encrypted form. This is the procedure for sending an encrypted message in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 365 version.

If you have any doubts regarding this, you may contact our OmniTech Support personnel for assistance. Use such security features in the email client to ensure that your business email communication is well protected from hacking attacks online.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Unable To Send And Receive Email Messages In Outlook

In most of the ‘Outlook unable to send or receive email messages’ cases, the issue could be caused due to problems in the Internet connection that you are using. If you find out that the Outlook program installed in your computer does not have any errors, you can follow the steps that are discussed below to fix issues in your Internet connection. These steps are extracted from the tech support guides and for further information, you may refer to these guides or may contact tech support desk directly.

As tech support is a third party tech support firm, you will need to pay for the services that they offer and the best part of contacting tech support is that the users can test the quality of support provide by the company beforehand. Testing tech support is simple and you can navigate to the official website to know more on the steps.

  • Open the Outlook program and look at the bottom right of the interface. If it shows Disconnected or Offline, then you can make sure that the Internet connection is not working. 
  • To fix this issue, you will need to click on the red icon that is located near to Disconnected or Offline sign and then choose Work Online. When the program goes online, it will be shown as Connected to Microsoft Exchange and you will not experience any more issues in the program. 
  • If you are still unable to send or receive email messages in the Outlook program, you will need to ensure that the Internet connection is working. To ensure this, you can try opening something in your web browser. 
  • If you find out that the Internet connection is okay, you can move on to the next step, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider to get the connection fixed. 
  • Check and verify that the Outlook inbox is not full. If the inbox is full, you will need to clean it up. 
These are the simple steps to fix Outlook Internet connectivity issues. You will need to do these steps carefully so that you would not encounter any Outlook errors. For further assistance on these steps, you can contact the tech support team. Also, you have the option of testing tech support services before opting for the same.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Why You Need To Call Tech Support Team To Fix Your Computer Issues?

These days, one can find numerous tech support services that promise genuine technical assistance to fix the system issues. Contacting a professional tech support team is the ideal option instead of trying to fix it yourself, especially if you’re not that much into computer related stuff. But that doesn’t mean you can rely on every technical support service available on the internet.

Choosing a reliable tech support service like Tech support is essential if you want to get your system issues fixed in quick time. By testing Tech support services, you’ll get to know about the quality of assistance provided by the skilled technicians here. Tech support service offers a plethora of useful options to the customers and this includes support guides, online chat support service as well as the remote assistance feature. Moreover, Tech support technicians are available round the clock and hence, you can contact them whenever you’re in need.

Using the support guides provided by the Tech support team, you can learn more about the common issues that occur in the systems and also about the ways to tackle them. The well-informative support manuals enable the users to perform the troubleshooting steps in their systems all by themselves. Hence, you won’t need to worry about contacting the technician every time you encounter a problem in your computer. With the online chat support service, you can get in touch with the technicians over the internet and have a chat session with them regarding your hardware/software issues. Several users have posted their positive feedbacks in the website regarding the experience they had after testing Tech support chat services.

Another interesting feature is the remote assistance option using which, the technicians at Tech support takes control of the users’ computers in order to troubleshoot the issues. This feature is more beneficial to the users because they would be able to view the troubleshooting and resolving method performed by the technicians in their systems. By asking queries to the technician and making a note of the fixing method, he/she will be able to resolve the same issue in the future without contacting the technician again. In short, by contacting reliable tech support services like the Tech support team, the users get more knowledge about fixing the technical glitches related to their computers.

Now, whenever you encounter an error message in your computer, remember to seek the services of Tech support team to get the best assistance.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Outlook.Com Does Not Allow To Send Emails

In order to limit the amount of emails that spammers and swindlers send, has a limitation on the number of emails and the types of emails that users send. Here are some of the most common errors that you would come across along with the solutions for the same. You can look up the support guides in tech guides to get more tips for customizing
Increasing The Limit By Verification

You can verify your email address by going to the Add A Phone webpage to enter your phone number. This will trigger a code to the number provided, which can be utilized to verify the account. This would show that the account is genuine and you are the owner.

Limit On The Number Of Messages Sent In A Day
In order to prevent spam messages, limits the number of emails that a user sends per day. Nevertheless, you have an option to send emails in spite of this. Compose the email that you want to send on your mobile device. Save this message as a draft. Click on the Delete icon, which would throw a prompt, now click on Save. The message would be saved in the inbox. Now you need to login to your account on the PC. Open the message and click on Send.

In case you have reached the limit on the computer, try this next tip. To save the message, click on the Save Draft option. In case you have not verified your email address, do it now. This would help in increasing the email limit on the computer.

Issues With Too Many Recipients also limits the number of recipients for a single message. When it throws an error message, click on the same and read what it says. In case it tells you the number of recipients, you can have in a single email. So remove some of the recipients accordingly and send the email. For the remaining people, compose the email once again including the recipients excluded earlier and then send the email. Even after this, if you are not able to send emails beyond a limit, verify your email account once again.

Contents In The Message Triggering Junk Filters would block an email if it finds the contents to be suspicious. In case the same happens to you, try to alter the contents a little bit so that they look less suspicious.

The support guides in short suggest verifying the email account as the first step to fix most Outlook email-limit issues.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Contacting Tech Support Is Essential?

Most of the Windows users consider calling tech support services the moment they encounter issues in their systems. Well, that’s the perfect solution provided you’re calling up the right tech support companies. This is because nowadays, there are countless third-party tech support services available that claim to offer genuine Microsoft support for all your software/hardware based issues. But interestingly, not all these services are genuine and are actually scammers looking to leak money from you.

Due to this sole reason, it is always advised to contact professional tech support services like tech support team that offers the best assistance in fixing all the system related issues. In fact, the technician at Tech support guides the customers through all the troubleshooting steps, making them understand the whole procedure quickly. Thus, in the future, if the same technical issue bounces back, you can fix it all by yourself instead of calling up the tech support service again.

Of late, there have been many cases reported where customers have been subjected to numerous online scams and frauds. Many fraudsters who pretend to be genuine support services trap customers and access their systems remotely. These scammers then try to warn the customers about the existence of serious issues in their systems such as a malware or Trojan and thus ask the users to pay a huge amount to fix the issue. The sad part is that upon hearing the name of a malware, a large section of customers relent in and agree to pay hundreds of dollars to fix an issue, which in reality may not even exist. By doing so, the customers also give these scammers the liberty to access the personal and critical information stored in their systems.

However, if you contact a professional tech support service like the tech support team, the technician would ask for your consent to access your system remotely. Also, there’s the much useful 24x7 online chat support option available through which the customers can contact the technicians whenever they need. As mentioned above, using the remote access feature, the customers himself is able to view the troubleshooting steps that are required to fix the issue in his system. Also, the customers are provided with several useful Tech support guides, which they can use to repair their system all by themselves.

In short, if you ever encounter an issue in your system, calling up the genuine tech support number would be the ideal option.

Monday, November 10, 2014

What Makes Tech Support A Reliable PC Support Provider?

Most of us think about a PC support service only when we come across an annoying issue. In fact, we don’t need to otherwise. However, knowing the best PC support service in advance will rescue you in certain situations, for instance when you have to complete an important assignment within the deadline. In such scenarios, you don’t have the time to waste to search for a PC support service provider and try your luck with a not so popular support provider.

Online PC support

There are two types of PC support services, online PC support and offline (onsite) PC support. There are many limitations that onsite PC support suffers against online PC support, for instance, you can’t have them examine your PC and troubleshoot the issue at any time you wish. If the PC issue pops in the middle of the night, you have to wait until the next day morning to ring up the technician and wait until he shows up. On the other hand, online PC support is available 24/7. You can contact them at any time you wish and have them troubleshoot the issue. Furthermore, online PC support is cheaper than onsite PC support.

Choosing the best online PC support service

The demand for online PC support services rose steadily in recent times. However, there are many online PC support scams. Therefore, when you contact an online PC support service, it is very important that you verify their authenticity. Read a couple of customer reviews about them and see how long they have been in existence.

Tech Support- A reputed PC support provider

There are quite a number of PC support service providers out there. However, I am quite impressed with Tech Support desk. What is so impressive about Tech Support is that it is a PC support provider that has been topping the chart in terms of popularity and reputation, for more than a decade. The company offers a wide range of services which include virus removal support, OS reinstallation support, networking support, cloud support, email support, Windows support, MS Office support to say a few.

One thing with  Tech Support is that not a single customer comes out with any negative tech reviews after receiving PC support from the company, thanks to the quality of the support offered. Moreover, the company offers most support services at quite affordable rates. If you have any further questions about Tech support, read a few tech reviews or contact the customer support desk of the company.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tech Support Provides You The Best PC Support

I spent a lot of time on browsing the internet. I use Internet Explorer browser for my browsing activities. However, from last week, I found that the browser was being redirected to a different website than the one I was looking for. Whenever I tried to search for a particular website, I found that my default search engine has also been changed to one fake search engine, which looks like Google. I was very worried as I thought that this could be a virus infection.

I downloaded and ran an antivirus tool on my computer. Even though it showed that many viruses were caught and removed, I found that nothing has changed. Therefore, I decided to call a technical support firm and my obvious choice was Tech Support. This was because I had called them earlier to setup my printer and was satisfied with the service. There were also no  Tech Support scams reported earlier. Therefore, I called up Tech Support technicians with confidence.

One of the major features of  Tech Support is that they do not keep you on hold for several hours to connect to a technician. My call was connected to a technician soon after the billing process was over. The technician who took my call was very polite. He confirmed my doubt that it was a virus infection as soon as he heard about the troubles I was facing with the computer. He accessed my computer remotely with software and started working on it. I was really amazed with his speed. He checked various locations of my computer for virus programs and removed them one by one. I think he was far better than many of the online virus tools! Once the viruses were removed, he restarted my computer and worked on it for a few more minutes.

I found that my browser was no longer being redirected. Google is back as my default search engine. Once everything was fine, I thanked him and started to log off. However, he told me that there was no antivirus protection in my program and he guided me to purchase a good antivirus program for my computer.

I was very happy with the service offered to me. I would recommend the service of Tech Support to all my friends and loved ones, as it is the only tech support firm that has the best technicians in the industry. Since there have been no reports of any  Tech Support scams, you can choose this service with full confidence.